tiana. (carcrashxxxkiss) wrote,

ignore this. this is me just writing about nonsense.

When I let you get deep down beyond my surface. when I roll my eyes think so far back into my head that it hurts. That's the layer of pain you've never heard of.

an infectous desease hiding right winthin me. not even time will allow you to ever see straight again. are you looking at me? do you know everything? can you see my disease? is he better than me?
trouble standing so tall knees bent, facing the wall. hands up to my face my screams are all that I taste. my heart hurts everyday my stomach has shriveled away. Too much time spent in the sheets remembering you were with me. Something innocent but lost a line of dust and two shots. Looking tattered and thin- is this what happens to him? still inked on my brain like a faded tattoo, pain I can re live if i looked back and wanted to.

Lost inside my mind looking for the right path ive been feeling this since years ago when you left. looking for the person you once were and not finding a match, your face is the same but our lips arent attached. there is no fuel, no electricity, too tired to talk. why cant you just tell me you love me when you're not getting off. you cant hide your hurt from me ive scarred you for the rest of our lives it seems
I drink until I can't remember what hurts. I get it, I do this to myself. I can relive this pain even with out your help. This is the type of thing they warned you about, I fell in that hole and I can never get out.
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